Monday, April 6, 2020


Des Jacklin earlier this week resigned as BDO Chairman with immediate effect after two years at the helm in which he went through a tumultuous reign to say the least.

Jacklin started his reign by lifting the restrictions on players going to Q-School from the BDO which was heralded by many; as well as securing the future of the BDO on TV in the form of their Eurosport deal.

There was issues though with moving from Lakeside to the Indigo at the O2, the fiasco involving the World Masters; as well as players not knowing their prize money for the former and then having to wait past the deadline for it.

He took to Facebook after releasing his short statement on Monday through the BDO to give an extended 2,700 statement in which he touches on all the issues including accusations that he used his role to give his wife, Paula who plays on the Ladies tour special dispensation in terms of seedings for tournaments.

As well as moving away from the Lakeside, a new company being set up between the counties to supposedly kill the BDO by working with the WDF as well as what he had to go through to make the O2 happen in the end.

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Des Jacklin has resigned as BDO Chairman ending his just under two years tenure releasing a short statement on the BDO website earlier today.

Jacklin had a good start to his reign dropping the restrictions for Q-School and signing a contract with Eurosport to secure the future; but this fell sharply with caller resignations, the World Masters fiasco which saw a re-draw occur; as well as the BDO World Championship which saw many in the dark about prize fund and poor ticket sales.

This prompted many including Andy Hamilton to tell him to give answers; on the state of the organisation and prize money. Before the tournament as well with the World Masters looming large; the WDF also dropped their backing of the tournaments with immediate effect taking over the running of certain events.

This past weekend, the Torremolinos Festival of Darts was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak; it seems he has made the decision to resign following that.

The brief statement said the following: “After many months of thoughts and deliberation I have made the decision to resign my position as BDO Director Chairman and CEO with immediate effect, I wish all success to my successor and the BDO for the future.”

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The BDO Torremolinos Festival of Darts which was set to take place between 15-22 March 2020, has been cancelled amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

A statement (below) was released due to this with the reasoning given that the Spanish President cancelled all sporting events in the country for the next 14 days; due to the ongoing pandemic which has affected multiple PDC events also in Holland and Germany.

With the lateness of the announcement by the relevant authorities, players had already travelled out to Spain for the event; they will still receive all they have paid for barring the event itself with those booking a package receiving accommodation at the Sol Principe hotel.

“We regret to inform you that the Torremolinos Festival of Darts has been cancelled. The BDO were informed at 09.30hrs local time today that the Spanish President made a statement cancelling all sporting events in Spain; for at least the next 14 days.”

“People already arrived into the Sol Principe hotel will still receive the same level of quality and hospitality during their stay. People who chose not to attend the event will receive a refund; in line with booking policy and guidelines asap.”

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Beau Greaves is known as one of the finest talents in darts and has been touted from a young age as a potential future World Champion.

Greaves herself competed in the recent BDO World Championship and at Q-School as she aims to continue to make a name for herself in a side of the sport starting to gain traction due to Fallon Sherrock and Lisa Ashton.

Speaking recently, ‘Beau N Arrow’ spoke about being inspired by the duo and what needs to be done to bring women’s darts to the top.

“I never thought I’d get to where I am. When I won my first tournament I was, ‘well I’ve won one now’ so it was a case of trying to get some more under my belt. I don’t know how I’m doing it but I’ve still got more to come, so I’m looking forward to that.” said Greaves to Sky Sports.

“With Fallon playing in the men’s world championship, that’s done probably something for ladies darts. It’s not as big as men’s, but hopefully it can be,” she added.

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The action has concluded at the Slovak Masters and Open with the likes of Wayne Warren and Lorraine Winstanley claiming titles.

Warren edged past David Evans in a closely fought final 6-5 to win his second singles title since his BDO World Championship win.

In the ladies, it was Maria O’Brien who claimed the better over pairs partner Deta Hedman in a 5-4 victory.

Then it was the Slovak Open with Dutch ace Chris Landman easing past Sebastian Steyer 6-1 to claim the title.

In the Ladies, it was closer though with Lorraine Winstanley only defeating Laura Turner 5-4 to cap off a brilliant two days of action in Slovakia.

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Wayne Warren and David Evans will compete in the final of the Slovak Masters on Saturday as the first tournament comes to its conclusion.

The Slovak Masters began the darts weekend in Slovakia on Friday. Warren, the BDO World Champion lived up to his billing as one of the favourites for the title defeating Aaron Turner among others en route.

He will take on ‘Stretch’ in the final who is once again proving himself as a classy operator.

In the Ladies, the final will be between Deta Hedman and Maria O’Brien. Before that the Slovak Open will begin, with both finals being played later that day.

Men’s final

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Wayne Warren claimed the BDO World Championship title last month in a brilliant display from the 57 year old to defeat Jim Williams in the final.

Despite that doubts were all to see all tournament in terms of the prize fund and this meant a winners’ cheque of only £23,000 in the end with the BDO late to pay this as well.

He spoke about it in a recent interview with Red Dragon and said that while he thought of how good it was to win the trophy, the money does cross through his mind.

The roofer by trade also spoke about his decision not to play in PDC Q-School and said that he couldn’t get himself up for it.

“We knew things weren’t right by a mile,” said Warren to Red Dragon Darts.

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Jim Williams claimed the BDO Scottish Open title on Sunday evening in Scotland. He defeated Steve Hine 6-2 in the final.

The Welshman broke Hine’s throw in the fourth leg with a 14-darter and held his own throw to lead 4-1. Hine was not able to close that gap, although he took out 103 to win his second leg. Williams then hit a 14-dart leg and took out 32 to lift the trophy at the Scottish Open.

Beau Greaves won the title in the ladies event. The 16-year-old met Fallon Sherrock in the final and averaged over 82 to beat her 5-2.



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The final day of the BDO Scottish Open is underway in Scotland, with sixteen men’s left for the title. The ladies have finished the quarter-finals already.

Jim Williams, Martin Adams, Paul Hogan and James Richardson are among the remaining players at the Scottish Open. Williams impressed in the last 32 as he averaged over 105 to beat Ritchie Edhouse.

Beau Greaves, Deta Hedman, Fallon Sherrock and Anastasia Dobromyslova have reached the semi-finals of the ladies event.

The winner of the men’s event will receive £3000 prize money, while the winner of the ladies event earns £1000 for her performance.


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The 2020 BDO Scottish Open will be played this weekend in Scotland. Some well-known BDO players have decided to enter this event.

BDO World Champion Wayne Warren has entered the Scottish Open, while also Jim Williams, Dave Parletti, Paul Hogan, Martin Adams and Tony O’Shea will make their appearance. The likes of Beau Greaves, Fallon Sherrock and Anastasia Dobromyslova have entered the ladies event.

The winner of the men’s event will receive £3000 prize money, while the winner of the ladies event earns £1000 for her performance.



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